The Globe Language

Flowing Rakuten, Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. was reported that they will use English as official Language in company.

I see Many Japanese show strong opposition against this decision. I think there are very deep misunderstandings of what Mr. Mikitani and Mr. Yanai intended, and it's because of what "English" means to us, Japanese.

For us, "English" was a language to import Western culture and technology in these one and half hundred years. And it implies the language is NOT FOR US, BUT FOR THEM ALL EXCLUDING US. Leaning English means moving from "US" to "THEM" or club of GAIJIN. Anything he or she says is an opinion from outside of us, Japanese.

We do listen to them but we listen differently if he or she is not insider of our community.

But English is not only for native speakers but all people all over the globe communicating with each other.

So I think we need a new word for English to emphasize that it is a language FOR US ALL.

And I propose "The Globe Language". I think the language people in Rakuten and Fast Retailing are using is not English. How about calling it "The Globe Language".